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A History of Innovation—A Future of Evolution

In today’s dynamic retail environment, Tyco Retail Solutions understands the importance of new, innovative strategies to improve performance and build shopper loyalty.That’s why so many retailers worldwide are drawn to its performance and security solutions. Specifically, Tyco Retail Solutions is deployed at more than 80 percent of the world’s top-200 retailers in 70+ countries. The company's legacy began more than five decades ago, with the introduction of Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) technology to combat shoplifting—allowing customers to browse openly displayed merchandise, and protecting the store’s bottom line. In fact, every year EAS technology helps protect more than three-billion products from theft.By partnering with Tyco Retail Solutions, ScanSource offers you full access to its growing portfolio of solutions, along with the invaluable support and tools required to serve the everchanging retail landscape. Trust Tyco Retail Solutions to provide everything you need to better serve your customers, deliver complete retail solutions, and grow your business.