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Recurring revenue reimaginedlucky you

Your SMB customers need a simple, point-of-sale hardware and software package that includes payment processing—and they want it to be easy to use. Enter Clover and ScanSource. By leveraging numerous tools and technology platforms, Clover combines the latest hardware with Fiserv—one of the world’s largest processing networks—making Clover a top pick in the retail marketplace and beyond. And the ScanSource Reseller Program makes working with Clover effortless. Just sign up your customers for payment processing, buy Clover devices at wholesale prices, and resell that certified hardware. Then sit back and watch your recurring revenue roll in from the software and the payment processing.

We make this look easy

Getting a simple, modern POS into the hands of your customers has never been easier. We’ve leveraged a host of tools and technology platforms that make everything in the process as seamless as possible. And for our partners, selling the Clover solution means the opportunity to establish a residual-income stream that pays dividends today—and into the future.

The experience


1. Sign up 

Easily become a Clover reseller. To get started today, simply fill out the form below.

2. Log in 

The Clover experience is part of CORE, which offers anytime access to ordering, inventory availability, support, reporting, and more.

3. Sell 

Discuss the Clover solution and leverage CORE to send a secure, Fiserv processing application to your retailer.

4. Approve

Your retailer’s application runs through an automated underwriting process, which notifies you once completed.

5. Purchase 

Purchase Clover hardware from ScanSource and have it sent directly to your retailer.

6. Ship and deliver 

Hardware order is fulfilled in our Southaven warehouse, and order statuses and tracking information are sent to you and your retailer.

7. Earn 

Each month your retailer processes payments, you’ll receive residual income based on the processing volume.

8. Report and grow 

View residual metrics in CORE, both on processing volume and payout data.

For more information, please reach out today at | 800.863.6475 to learn more about what ScanSource and Clover can do for your customers—and YOUR bottom line.

Ready to become a Clover reseller? Simply fill out this form and someone will contact you.

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