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Company Roles Defined


Our accounting department is responsible for reporting financial results to shareholders, processing invoices and payments for vendors, invoicing customers, as well as determining the impact of new accounting and reporting requirements and developing appropriate strategies to implement them.  ScanSource accountants are involved with many facets of financial analysis and are frequently called upon to work with the other areas in the company on a daily basis. 

Customer Service

Our customer service representatives interact with resellers to provide information in response to inquiries about products and to handle and resolve complaints.  Communication is a key part of this role, and you’re interfacing with customers through a variety of means – by telephone, email, and fax.  You ensure that problems are handled quickly and painlessly in a fast-paced role.

Management Information Systems

Members of our MIS department are trained to provide the entire ScanSource organization with today’s complete technologies – including PCs, servers, and networking solutions.  You would also be involved in searching for the latest information and technology in innovative and productive ways to enable our company to improve our overall performance in order to help us stay ahead of the competition and better serve customers. 


The ScanSource Marketing department works much like an agency, with project managers, graphic designers, videographers, web designers, copywriters, event managers and public relations and corporate communications professionals.  The team manages the Company's brand, co-op advertising with vendors, as well as all other internal and external communications.   


Our product manufacturers/vendor partners need a voice at ScanSource, and our merchandising team ensures they have one by serving as the primary link to these partners.  The merchandising department interacts regularly with vendor representatives to develop and execute vendor business plans and drive vendor participation in marketing initiatives. 

Reseller Financial Services

The ScanSource Reseller Financial Services department offers enhanced programs, tools and services to help customers find the financial solutions that are right for their business.  Our proactive approach to business involves tailoring financing options for customers outside of normal credit terms and providing access to alternative funding options.


The ScanSource sales force serves as our “feet on the street” by building and maintaining relationships with our customers, known as value-added resellers and solution providers.  ScanSource sales members focus on a select group of customers, which allows them to become intimately familiar with their customers’ businesses, goals and needs.  As a member of our sales team, you’ll have a chance to chart your own course.

Technical Services

The ScanSource Technical Support team plays a key role in providing value-added services to our customers.  Their technical expertise, training and experience enable them to quickly facilitate over the phone pre- and post-sale support for ScanSource sales reps and their customers.  You would be a part of a fast-paced team environment.